Biblical Legend: History or Myth?

In recent years the bible has come under tremendous scrutiny as it pertains to the matter of “truth”, and this has not been the result of recent discoveries in the areas of archeology and science. Instead, a younger generation grew up learning that not everything you hear or read is true, and they have questioned [...]

Chasing Faith

Most Christians are uncomfortable with the need to search for faith.  This is most obvious when believers need to encourage “the weak” and find themselves frustrated at not being able to “fix” the person, or when speaking with a non-believer they feel anger instead of a patient desire to reason with the other person’s thinking.  [...]

Mark 2:1-12 - Relentless

From the time I was a child, I could easily recount the story of the paralytic lowered through the roof.  It’s a spectacular story: four friends so determined to get a man to Jesus that they did an impromptu HGTV home makeover. As I read this as an adult today, I cannot help be feel [...]

Mark 1:29-45 - Lessons from Aleena

Multiple sclerosis is a disease I do not really comprehend.  Someone suffering from MS loses control of their body down to even the most basic functions, such as chewing and swallowing.  It is not easy to see someone young and otherwise beautiful choke on every bite of food and need infant-like care in the bathroom.  [...]

Christianity in Crisis

A friend of mine forwarded the latest article on Christianity found in Newsweek, entitled “Christianity in Crisis”.  What I found interesting was that the cover of Newsweek says, “Forget the Church: Follow Jesus“. Articles such as this one are not unique, and the ideas they put forward certainly aren’t new.  That said, they are becoming [...]

No Way in Hell

The subject of “hell” has come under much debate.  On the one hand, there are the those who grew up with a tradition that taught a lake of fire would burn eternally with you in it if you didn’t “get right with God”.  On the other hand, there are those that think the concept of hell was [...]

Avoiding Faith Fiction: Reading for God vs. Speaking for God

I heard an analogy recently of how some people shoot an arrow and then draw the target around their shot declaring it a bulls-eye, and that this backwards form of target practice is similar to how many live their lives before God. I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, I see this happen most blatantly in [...]

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